Grandparents' Day

We were delighted to welcome the grandparents of our Year 1 and Year 4 pupils to Somerhill on the afternoon of Friday 10th May. Mr Sinclair gave an informative talk about the history of the building and the school and Mrs McKnight shared the top ten quotes from the children about what they love most about their grandparents.Year 1 commenced the musical performances with their rendition of ‘Frog Went a Courtin’ – a charming tale of matrimonial bliss between a frog and a mouse, accompanied by a delightful feast and clever false endings to engage the audience.

Year 4 pupils from Derwent Lodge and Yardley Court then showcased their musical talents with elegant melodies and spirited sea shanties, each section highlighting their talents and adding to the wonderful family atmosphere.

Following the musical interlude, the children had the privilege of guiding their VIPs on tours of the school and grounds culminating in a delightful afternoon tea.