Grandparents’ Day
A Perfect Day

Last week we were delighted to host Grandparent’s Day at Somerhill, one of our favourite days in the school calendar. The children sang beautifully before proudly showing their grandparents around the beautiful grounds. A scrumptious tea awaited our VIPs at the end of their tours. A perfect day in every sense.

In preparation for the day, Year 1 were asked – What do Grandparents do for you? The results will make you smile! Ranked in reverse order here is what they said:

10. They do ‘stuff’ with me –lego, fishing for newts, camping, helping with homework, reading, chess, cooking the list is endless!

9. Good at gardening and research

8. They help me be brave

7. They are happy and smile all the time

6. Always get me stuff that mummy and daddy don’t let me have!

5. When you cuddle them, they don’t let go

4. Make very yummy food

3. They know EVERYTHING

2. Spend time with us and care for us and look after us

1. They love us.



2022 Grandparents' Day