SPP Summer Showcase

The theme for the SPP showcase was ‘Positivity, self-belief and things that make us feel happy,’ and the children certainly expressed all of these.

Each year group delighted us with inspiring, funny, and joyous songs, musical performances, and poems. The Showcase opened with our SPP violinists playing spirited pieces which set the tone for the rest of the concert. Reception children took over with a poem, followed by a song with actions: ‘When You’re Feeling Happy.’ We played a bit of joke on our audience with three false endings, tricking the audience into thinking we had finished when we had not! ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’ came next, with colourful scarves to show the beat, and finishing with the song ‘Yes, I can!’ promoting the idea that the children can be anything they set their minds to. They were delicious.

Year One followed, interspersing the songs with poems, spoken with confidence. Year One’s opening number, ‘Good to Be Me’ used official British Sign Language throughout. The children executed this with ease alongside assured and exuberant singing. A rhythmical performance of Offenbach’s ‘Can Can’ with claves came next, which generated smiles throughout the hall. They ended their section with ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite,’ which was so joyous and uplifting it would send any kite soaring.

Year Two raised the bar further with their set. Each class spoke their poems with clarity and conviction, and they were poignant and witty. Their song, ‘Try your best’ resonated with Somerhill beliefs of perseverance and resilience. The children then performed ‘Pachelbel’s Canon’ using handbells, and the children captivated us with a beautiful performance. ‘Spread a Little Happiness’ did just that, with a number of children showering gifts of cards and flowers to audience members in the middle. Lovely.

At the end, all the children came together to sing ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’ and a more perfect ending could not have been achieved. Everyone in the hall, whether young or old was smiling from ear to ear. ‘Positivity, self-belief and things that make us feel happy,’ was accomplished magnificently. A truly magical afternoon.

2022 SPP Summer Showcase