Somerhill Soirées

Children have plenty of opportunities to make music at Somerhill, as they can participate in one of our numerous ensembles and concerts. They also have the chance to perform individually in our termly, year group Somerhill Soirées.

This half term, Year Two to Six performed superbly to friends and family on piano, violin, cello, double bass, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet, baritone, drums and singing! An impressive range of instruments.

The children experience a whole myriad of feelings and emotions at the start of and during a Somerhill Soirée, but what they gain can never be underrated. The sense of achievement, the boost in confidence, and a whole set of skills that will last them through their schooling and most definitely beyond. They also see and feel the love and support from their parents, their teachers and peers, offering them plenty of encouragement from the side-lines.

It is certainly a team effort with parental support at home, the motivation and inspiration from their teachers and of course, the dedication and practice given by the children themselves. Well done to everyone for their hard work and well-earned success.

2022 Yr 2 Michaelmas Soirée

2022 Somerhill Yr 3 Michaelmas Soirée

2022 Michaelmas Yr 4 Soirée

2022 Somerhill Yr 5 Michaelmas Soirée

2022 Yr 6 Michaelmas Soirée