Sports Options Programme
Sports Options Programme

This week was the start of the new sports options programme, replacing external sports fixtures. The children were given the opportunity to play a variety of sports including orienteering, golf, short tennis, badminton and dance, all in their year group bubbles. The boys were given the opportunity to play netball, whilst the girls had the opportunity to play football and rugby, depending on the age group.

The majority of these activities are co-educational, allowing more interaction between the boys and girls, as well as allowing the teachers to teach to their strengths in subjects they are passionate about across both schools.

The Y7 & 8 boys are following a Sports Science programme, looking at modules on physiology, anatomy and psychology. They will learn how to analyse techniques in a variety of sports and put into practice ways of improving each other’s and their own accordingly. They will also coach and officiate small groups of children. This will work very well with their PSB expectations.

Both the Options and Sports Science programmes are running alongside the more traditional sports timetable, taught on non match days.

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