The Late Angel

Always rushing, always in a state – not the Somerhill Year One children but The Late Angel, in the Year One Nativity show! The children were so excited to be performing a Nativity ‘with a twist’ as the story of the birth of Jesus unfolds from the point of view of the angels and the animals.

After weeks of learning lines, working on projecting voices and practicing with the props, the Year One children took to the stage with pride and delighted their families with singing and acting. The children looked incredible in their costumes and enjoyed their moment in the spotlight. Their hard work, determination and bravery were rewarded with an amazing show where the children took their bow with pride at their performance.

To sum up the experience, Isobel in Year 1JC commented – ‘The glittery curtain, the bright lights on us and our costumes – we really are the stars of Somerhill.