Trip to Provence
Year 7 Residential, Provence

At long last our Year 7 residential trip to France resumed! This year our cross-curricular trip took place in Provence. Activities included:admiring the architecture of the Palais des papes in Avignon, the Roman feats of engineering in Nîmes and Orange and of the Pont du Gard, kayaking, visiting a working monastery surrounded by lavender fields, hiking around the Sentier des Ocres and visiting a chocolaterie.

The boys packed a lot in to a short space of time. Not only have they built confidence in their French speaking skills, but they have also practised using the perfect and imperfect tenses by writing a daily journal. They have become more aware of the world around them, gaining insight into ancient and modern cultures and also more self sufficient, gaining every day life skills. Very well done boys – it was a great week!

2022 Year 7 Trip to Provence