Year 2 Bewl Water Outlaws!
Bewl Water Trip

We arrived at our wonderful woodland adventure greeted by the famous outlaw that is, Robin Hood and his crew of very Merry Men! The children were put through intensive training in order to become fully-fledged members of the Merry Crew. Archery took great strength, coordination, and resistance. Dens were built using the very finest knot tying skills and camouflage finding eyes, to hide from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

The teams worked hard on their listening and communication skills to complete a series of tough teambuilding challenges. Robin was impressed by the children’s bravery when they swung across Sherwood Forest on a rope swing. The most important skill of all was, of course, to create a campfire and eat a Merry Man’s favourite dish, marshmallows, and hot chocolate.

We were all elated to hear that every single Year 2 child passed their training and can now Merrily move into Sherwood forest and become full time outlaws.